State Officials Contacting 90 Georgians Linked to MERS Incident

State officials have nearly contacted all of the 90 Georgians who were near a person with a confirmed case of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.

This is the second confirmed case of the infection, and the individual in question traveled through Atlanta’s airport earlier this month.

Officials are telling the Georgians to monitor themselves for flu-like conditions.

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First confirmed MERS case in the Netherlands

The first case of MERS in the Netherlands was reported today in a joint statement issued by the Erasmus MC and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). The patient is said to have been “infected during a visit to Saudi Arabia,” according to the statement. Local reports in the Netherlands say the patient had visited Mecca and Medina.

RIVM says they are working to identify everyone who came in contact with the man. Each person’s health condition is being monitored by the agency.

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20 health care workers in Florida told to stay home after second case of MERS confirmed in U.S.

Twenty health care workers in Florida are being told to stay home for two weeks because they may have been exposed to the deadly MERS virus.

A man who had traveled to Orlando from Saudi Arabia was diagnosed with the virus earlier this week.

He visited two hospitals in the area and workers from those hospitals may have been exposed.

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Miami Travelers Warned of MERS Risk

Flyers at Miami International Airport were cautioned over the risk of MERS Wednesday following news of the first confirmed case of the disease in Florida earlier this week.

The gate to each terminal at MIA was decorated with signs warning travelers of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.

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Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Posting MERS Warnings

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport will soon put up health advisory signs warning travelers about a deadly and mysterious virus that has made its way to the United States.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Monday that a second case of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome — or MERS — has been confirmed in the US. The first case was confirmed earlier this month.

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San Francisco International Airprot warns travelers about Middle East Respiratory Syndrome

The San Francisco International Airport has posted signs warning travelers about the spread of a relatively new disease called Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus, or MERS virus.

The virus appears to be spreading among travelers, prompting SFO and other airports to post the signs, which describe the symptoms of MERS and recommend steps travelers can take to stay healthy.

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MERS warning signs to go up at Denver International Airport

DENVER – Denver International Airport will be one of 22 U.S. airports to get a notice warning travelers to beware of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome or MERS according to NBC News.

The Centers for Disease Control with the help of the Transportation Safety Administration have started posting the signs to alert travelers to the symptoms of MERS and what steps to take to prevent the spread of the illness.

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US reports third case of potential MERS virus

A third potential case of the dangerous Middle East Respiratory Virus (MERS), has been found in the United States, health authorities said Tuesday.

“Two of the 20 team members exposed to the confirmed MERS patient are showing symptoms,” said Geo Morales, spokesman for the Orlando hospital where one infected patient was treated.

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2 Dr. Phillips hospital workers test negative for MERS virus

Two staff members at Dr. P. Phillips Hospital have tested negative for the MERS virus after caring for a man with a confirmed case of the virus, Orlando Health officials said Wednesday.

The two negative tests include one staff member who was hospitalized Monday after developing flu-like symptoms that are also attributed to the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome virus, which was confirmed Monday in a health care worker from Saudi Arabia who was visiting Orlando.

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